Competition law

Competition law

The Firm provides services in competition law pursuant to antional regulations as well as the extensively developed regulations of the European Union.

Our soliciitors offer legal advisory that concems traslation of competition law from legal jorgon into practical business language, they analyse activities of our clients and help to prevent infringement od competition law as well ad aim at complying with the law.

Increased anti-monopoly risk is the substance of all actions taken by local govemment budies. On the other hand, local govermments, which provide such services, are most of the time monopolists and thus bear increased responsibility of the consequences their decisions may create on other participant of the market.

Our Firm provides services in analysis of anti-monopoly risk level in specific areas of business activities of local government bodies. In particular, we offer:

  • audits of resolutions, regulations and their drafts, which are accepted by local government bodies within the scope of public utilities sector and agreements concluded between commercial companies and local governmenst
  • assessing anti-monopoly risk in selected areas (e.a. pricing policy)
  • representing local government bodies during proceeding before the Office od Competition and Consumer Protection

We also offer training courses for executive boards, district councils and local government clerks.

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