Energy law

Energy law

Energy law is a set of standards that regulates the rights and responsibilities of companies from the energy sector, fuel and energy end users and other participants of the market with respect to sustainable development, promotion of fair competition, protection of end users and ensuring security of energy supplies as well as the related tasks and competences of administrative bodies. Such a broad scope of regulation requires competence and matter-of-fact legal service to manage the company. Legal advisory services will minimise risks that arise from legislation and characteristics of the power industry.

In order to do that, our Firm provides the following services:

  • legal consultancy on investments in renewable energy sources such as wind parks, biogas plants
  • representing entrepreneurs in proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Office that concern granting a concession to run business activities by enterprises from the power sector
  • representing entrepreneurs during proceedings before Energy Regulatory Office that concern tariff approval for gas fuel, energy and heat
  • consultancy on interpretation of energy law and during other proceeding before the Energy Regulatory Office, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection and courts having jurisdiction.

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