Public procurement law

Public procurement law

Dynamic progress observed in the market of public procurement and its value are drawing growing attention of interested contractors. Inflow of EU funds supports this trend. On the other hand, conducting proceedings under the public procurement law and complicated tender procedures are often holding up many potential beneficiaries. Due to our abundant experience in working with public procurement, we help our clients in solving the problems they encounter and overcoming the intricacies of tender procedures.

Our services in public procurement law include in particular:

  • In comprehensive support within the scope of tender procedures
  • providing legal services for principals and contractors
  • assessing the correctness of documentation prepared by principals
  • preparing and assessing the correctness of an announcement and to Tender (ITT)
  • assessing correctness of the public procurement, support in preparation consultancy in selecting the procedure for public procurement
  • support during analysis of tender documentation made available by the principal and supporting contractors in correct preparation of their offer and at entering tender proceedings
  • executing appeals, responses to appeals and all other types of letters related to public procurement
  • representing Clients before the National Chamber of Appeal and regional courts.

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