Public-private partnership

Public-private partnership

Public-private partnership is a partnership between public sector and private sector, which aims at implementing tasks or providing services that are traditionally reserved for the public sector.

Key elements of the partnership between public and private sector include the following:

  • contractual nature (relations under civil law)
  • special—purpose nature: project implementation (construction, provision of services), which are traditionally performed by the public sector
  • optimal division of tasks
  • split of risks
  • mutual benefits.

However, public-private partnership is associated with significant risks for both parties of the contract: losing control over the services provided by the public sector, excessive costs incurred by the clients, lower quality of the services provided as part of the partnership, lack of competition, unlawful cooperation between the parties resulting in granting of public aid.

Experience of our staff concerning public procurement law and public aid law enables our Firm to provide services in infrastructure investments and services for public-private partnerships; the offer we present includes preparation of tender procedures, execution of partnership agreements and consultancy during all stages of the process. We help our clients avoid risks that arise from cooperation between the public and private sector.

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