Public aid

Public aid

Public aid, understood as an institution which aims at stimulating economic growth through tax reductions or grants is extremely important for entrepreneurs. The possibility to receive public aid in Poland was significantly limited from the date of accession to the European Union. Our Firm provides advisory services, which aim at helping our clients receive public aid in accordance with both national and Community legislation.

Our solicitors provide services for entities that would like to receive public aid, prepare analyses and expert opinions, as well as conduct training courses, which aim at familiarising our Clients with the relevant national and Community regulations. However, we also address our legal help to the entities, which are responsible for granting the aid, to communes in particular.

In practice, EU and national competition rules are breached by communes by failure to comply or incorrect application of public aid regulations. Each commune that implements investments co-financed with EU funds, shall be able to practically apply all principles of public aid and prepare and carry out projects in such a way to avoid the necessity to return the funds in the event of any infringement.

Our Firm provides consultancy services and training courses for local government bodies in practical application of public aid principles. In particular, we offer:

  • consultancy/audits within the scope of resolutions and their drafts (aid programmes) in compliance with the principles of public aid
  • consultancy/audits with respect to correctness at entrusting other entities with public utilities
  • consultancy/audit of projects co-financed by the EU with respect to their compliance with public aid principles
  • representing local government bodies and consultancy during proceeding before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection
  • training courses that include responsibilities of communes that grant public aid, and responsibilities of beneficiaries.

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